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So, you came here for one of two reasons, first of all you are really interested in me and you really want to get to know me, or second (which might I add is probably most likely) is that you came here because you are bored and have nothing else to do! 

  Here we go!  My name is Kelly! I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan as well as Capetown South Africa.  I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, 4 dogs and a few dead plants. I have 6 wonderful nieces and nephews! Oh Yeah and 2 Parents!  Ehhh that's enough about my family!  In my free time, or lack there of, I love to play sports, volleyball, soccer, swimming, track and especially hockey!  I love to go to the beach and walk the pier. Other then that I LOVE computers and being online, I spend most of my time online. My AIM name is YTCCGlitz!   As I said before I am almost always online so if ya see me say HI!  However contrary to popular belief I do sign off on occasion (you know for the essentials of life... like sleep and all) if that is the case you can drop me a line on the good old fashion E-mail at


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